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Good Conscience Seal  Our Mission

Living Our Ultimate Life Adventure
Experiencing Ultimate Fulfillment

An Epic for Our Time   The Year 2020 Vision Initiative
Acknowledging that the Most Fun Fulfilling Profitable
thing we can be doing is creating the Age of Compassion
 and Wisdom
by living
it now.

What is this for you?

What do you need?

Humane Humanity we be together now
This is our ultimate win

Embracing the Essence Love We Be  

The Seven WordMapsTM are our Ultimate Game Plan for Love. 

We are living  
Our ultimate life adven

The WordMapsTM are in constant creation by those who
 are traveling on them and reporting their experiences.

Our destination is the process we are evolving together in
Essence Connecting and Creatin
g in

Evolving Enrichment Circles

David J. Harris


The intended results for:


 1).  Create a personal monitoring system within to ensure that we are focusing primarily on cooperation and sustainable abundance each day.

 2).  Continuously expand our activities to realize our highest potential for our world and ourselves.

 3).   Recognize the value and dignity of each individual.  Appreciate our differences and respect each individual's freedom of choice.


 1).  Encourage others everywhere we go to focus on cooperation and abundance.

 2).   Provide education, training and guidance so we can celebrate our differences and create cooperation and abundance.

 3).   Unite the humanitarian leaders and visionaries to demonstrate unprecedented cooperation.


 1). Participating in Creating Community Councils of Consortiums and Coalitions:

The Age Of Compassion and Wisdom by the
year 2020

 2). Participate in the Global People's Assembly

 3). Establish support groups: Caring Evolving Enrichment Circles, Fulfillment or Integrity Circles, you name it. Support for this can be found at the Health Optimizing Institute web site. This is about creating our Soul Teams, Tribes and Families This is essence love community group thinking and action outside the box.
This frees or vast untapped personal potential,


This is the foundation for Organic Learning organizations
and prosperous sustainability.


The Transformation 2000 Network is not an organization. It is a networking information service acknowledging the association of everyone on our planet.
Each person is a member.

The network is organized with an advisory group and a steering group. All are welcome to. Participate through the Delphi process described in The Word Maps.

The purpose of the Transformation 2000 Network (T 2000)
is to serve those who are choosing to create a world of cooperation and abundance. The network will always be in the process of being created, so the stationery will probably always say, "Creating the Network Transformation 2000,
An Invitation to Create."

          The T 2000 Network is an acknowledgement that everyone is a member of the human race moving toward the year 2020, and we are choosing to manifest humanity's highest visions for cooperation and abundance.

          Most people of differing cultures, philosophies and governments share common visions of cooperation and abundance. Unfortunately, we have allowed our focus to be on our differences rather than on our common visions.
The T 2000 Network provides us an opportunity to realize our visions by seeing the power of merely shifting the focus within ourselves and sharing that power with others. There is no organization to join. No one has to change his or her philosophy, culture or government ... only to shift our focus. And expand our cooperation.

          The T 2000 Network will facilitate the exchange of information to provide the resources necessary to have cooperation and abundance take the place of conflict and scarcity for all of humanity.

           Foundations can be linked and developed to focus financial support for those activities, which produce the best results. We don't want people to join T 2000. We want people to join their own-shared visions for cooperation and abundance. We want people to join a united humanity.



We can create higher pay and prestige for the industrial military complex by giving the military the added capacity of building ecologically sociologically sustainable communities.

Over 80% of the military is logistics, i.e., food, clothing, housing, transportation, communications, etc. A 10-20% warhead is set aside and the peace head is placed on the logistics. The peace head is engineers, scientists, geologists, agronomists, ecologists, sociologists, educators, etc., working with specialized agencies of the United Nations.  The U.N. could select a target area for the United States and targets for all other countries desiring to participate.

The people of the area selected would work with a team to create a plan and to implement the plan together so it is not something being done to the people, but it is something being done for the people, with the people.

They would FOCUS ON BIO-REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT, determine the best power sources and natural resources to be developed, and establish food ORGANIC production. 

The business community would be supportive of this work because at no cost to them, new markets would be created for their products. The U.N. could establish a review team to rate the effectiveness of the teams and rank the winners.


We could have the United Nations create a contest for each country using their military logistics and whatever part of their military budget they wanted, to build the "Community of the Future" that represents humanity's highest awareness according to their culture and their ideology. This would be like a continual world's fair of the future and could be designed as an experiential university where students could come from all over the world for internships.


A powerful program for going to the heart of the problem is changing the mindsets that are causing our problems.


This is the most empowering tool we have ever seen.  This is in the Transformation 2000 Network Ultimate Game Plan For Love that is made up of 7 Word Maps You can find The Ultimate Agreement in: The Booklet That Saved Our World?


 1)   Establish major funding agency or Bank of Humanity. These funds can be made available for grants or loans' to individuals and groups who are participating in supporting the purpose of T 2000.

 2)   Establish a facilitating secretariat for each country to conduct annual unifying conferences.

 3)   Establish rotating locations and fixed annual dates for international congress.

 6).   Establish convergence center supported by computer link-up with existing information systems.

 7)   Develop support of the media, celebrities and world leaders to bring attention to activities that create a world that works for all of humanity.

 8)   Promote each country proclaiming the year 2020 as the Year of a United Humane Humanity, and proclaim each January 1st thereafter as World Humanity Day.

  9)   Promote each country to hold a World's Fair of the Future that will celebrate our unity and differences by using the military budget to display the optimum expression of each culture and ideology, and establish permanent new communities to foster international understanding.

10)  VILLAGE 2000.  This incorporates it all.

Most of the world is going through an industrial revolution that is incredibly de-humanizing. We can leapfrog right over this into high tech and avoid this de-humanization. For example, power is crucial to development. It is difficult to train people to maintain diesel generators; it is simple to teach them to connect and disconnect a few wires and use photovoltaic (sun generating electricity).

The technology is available to create a model village for export that provides low cost efficient housing and high intensity survival, sufficient agriculture and an effective internal health, education, economic structure and community government.

Each village would be affluent in esthetics, social amenities, water, power, and survival efficient in agriculture.

Village 2000 will demonstrate that war is obsolete because there is no shortage of raw materials, power, technology, wisdom or willing workers to create a world that is working for everyone.

A model that is an integral part of the education system is at Pomona College in California The John Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies

The intention is to export these communities all over the world with each one being designed with the capability of establishing other satellite communities.

It is our intention to have initial communities specialize in different areas of production so a computer assisted barter would create an economy of abundance.

Our current economy is created to promote scarcity. For example, we pay farmers not to raise food while thousands of people starve to death everyday.

The main idea is to create a major visible network to bring people and resources together to focus on unprecedented cooperation. We know that the knowledge, wisdom and resources are here on our planet now to make establishing cooperation and abundance the most exciting, profitable and fulfilling work for those who choose it.

When enough people are participating, the major problem can become the major opportunity.  If all the people of the world had a vote, they would vote for cooperation and abundance rather than conflict and scarcity.  We can create a way for all people to have a vote.  Participating in the Transformation 2000 Network makes that possible. It is time for a vote.

Game Plan For Love WordMaps

This is romancing your ultimate
and winning before you get there.

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