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Everything that exists is energy, all energy is in 
communication and dynamic cooperation, or 
there would be nothing but CHAOS!


                           Nothing is more important than relationships...

...                       and our most personal  sacred intimate 
is  our relationship with the
                      Supreme Creative Life Force of all Creation.

We feel it is not possible to institutionalize
this most sacred
personal, intimate relationship...

Therefore it is vital that each of us have our own personal religion, being free sovereign creations that pay tribute to our creator, each in our own personal unique way... Mandala Society.  The Mandala Society is dedicated to creating a growing, sustainable environment for the total person. (see Fallbrook Community)

Our philosophy is a way of life that can only be experienced. We have no eternal dogmas. Since there are no two things exactly alike we see a great expression of life manifested through diversity. We see expression of life as a purpose of life. We see goals not as ends but as means to providing fulfilling experiences. Our security is in knowing that all things will change
and that we are in harmony with life.


The Mandala Society was created as a result of a revelation of David Harris in 1963. This resulted in David also founding The National Center For The Exploration Of Human Potential in 1968 and The Association For Holistic Health in 1978..

We are organized to provide the opportunity for each individual to experience and express his or her own uniqueness. This is accomplished through CIRCLES. "Mandala Holistic Health" is an example of a Mandala CIRCLE.

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For a more in depth understanding of the MANDALA please read:

by Jose & Miriam Arguelles
published by Shambala Publications
1409 Fifth Street
Berkely, California 94710.

"The Theory and Practice of the Mandala"
by Giuseppe Tucci
Printed in Great Britain by The Anchor Press Ltd
and bound by Wm. Brendon & Son Ltd
both of Tiptree, Essex

"MANDALA - Luminous Symbols for Healing"
by Judith Cornell, PH.D.
The Theosophical Publishing House
P.O. Box 270
Wheaton, IL 60189-0270

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