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The Health Optimizing Institute (HOI) is a nonprofit organization. This organization was The National Center for the Exploration of Human Potential. The name was changed to The Health Optimizing Institute, when our leader for the Human Potential Movement Dr Abraham Maslow passed away. The organization founder is David J. Harris.

HOI, along with MANDALA, conducted the first Holistic Health Conferences with a medical school, the University of California San Diego. For ten years each year, about 3,000 health professionals participated in the Conference and 30 to 40 different Holistic Health Workshops.

Out of our conferences came the JOURNALS OF HOLISTIC HEALTH  and The Journal of Holistic Education with over 160 leaders and founders, recording in these Journals, providing the foundation for optimal health. These collector items are available for your library. CLICK HERE

The first National Holistic Education Conference was conducted with The University of California, San Diego in July 1979, including 31 workshops. The Conference was created by The Mandala Society and The National Center for the Exploration of Human Potential  that is now The Health Optimizing Institute.

The title was “Mind: Evolution or Revolution? The Emergence of Holistic Education.”

For six years the Holistic Education Conference was combined with the Mandala Holistic Health Conferences at the University of California, San Diego, with about three thousand professionals participating each year.

Out of this, came the Journal of Holistic Education and the observation that educators think they are teaching the basic three R’s: Reading Writing and Arithmetic. With Holistic Education the basic three R’s are Education for: Relationships, Responsibility and Reverence for all life.

As Of 2009

The focus of the Health Optimizing Institute
is on Holistic Social Sciences

Physically, with our Giant Applied Physical Science and Technology, we have everything needed to create sustainable prosperity for all, yet we continue to self-destruct as a result of not creating the tools for us to grow the Baby Applied Social Sciences to match the Giant Applied Physical Science and Technology.     


Applied Social Sciences contains the necessary social consciousness for sustainability, if it is effectively, holistically activated to match our physical sciences. It is not likely that we will survive without this.

It is now about finding the tools for the Social Sciences equivalent to what the discovery of the microscope and electricity did for the Physical Sciences and Technology.

A potential tool and a way to find tools for Applied Social Sciences is now being developed by the following combined elements (below). With holistic synergy providing the first tool to be presented in the first pass of the Modified Delphi Process for evolving new tools and then functionally implementing findings using new strategy. 

This first pass of the process will be to evolve this tool and create other tools and design
the Wisdom Games…The Olympics of the Mind… to establish implementation strategy and then actually provide the programs that can  birth our  new sustainable social systems.

1,   Modified Delphi Process

2.  The Wisdom Games …The Olympics of the Mind..

3,   The Foundation for the Evolution of Citizens and Management (FECAM)

4   The First Priority Fund..

The admitted grandiose focus of the program is perhaps OUR
       last resort at this late time for us to take the easy way out with ESI
   (Embracing Self Integrity and Enlightened Self Interest)

Buckminster Fuller said, 
You never change things
by fighting the existing reality...To change something... Build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Albert Einstein said, 
  “We shall require a substantially new manner
     of thinking, if mankind is to survive.”


Defining and Refining our Mission

Our all out focus is about the urgency of providing programs to support humanitarians accessing the 90% of our potential behavioral scientists say we are not using.


Thus we are about empowering the highest form of intelligence that is activated social intelligence. Without it we will destroy ourselves and end the benefit of all other types of intelligence.


There is the intelligence that knows how to create an atomic or any bomb and then there is the intelligence that knows not to create it. Bombs are the judge jury and executioner killing and mangling innocent people.

This has us actually poised to terminate humanity


Social intelligence created our American Declaration of Independence, Constitution with Bill of Rights and United Nations with

Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


This is the greatest evolving of humanity from barbaric conflict and scarcity to civilized coperation and abundance.



Being relevant and on point for our time is to open ourselves to know that we do not have social intelligence activated enough to stay in evolution.


Our mission is to empower activated social intelligence


We Open Ssocial Intelligence

for this evolving in the pending book


Call to Action - EPIC Liberation

Claiming Our Greatest Gift and

Claiming Our Greatest Treasure




The Original - ENERGISâ

The Health Optimizing Institute (HOI) has been working with energy healing for over twenty-five years. This has resulted in the birthing of ENERGIS®. This is always evolving, working with the reality of our essence electro-magnetic total selves.
This is a whole systems approach for optimal health.

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