Riding the Wave of Destiny

The question is not will we be riding the Wave of Destiny?
The question is where will we be riding?

The Wave of Destiny is the Wave of Wisdom
that is cresting  out to birth

The Age of Compassion and Wisdom.

Those who are supporting traditional institutions will be riding on
the bottom of the wave consciously or unconsciously choosing to phase out of business.
We Are Identifying the crest of the wave so more of us can ride it.

A Feminine Prerogative

The wave of wisdom birthing a sustainable prosperous world is an organic process that must be led by our nurturing compassionate feminine energy.

The society we now have that is mechanical and maledriven will now use this power to support an evolving loving society that is led by our nurturing feminine birthing energy.

Birthing an organic sustainable society is a feminine prerogative.

An EPIC For Our Time 

Year 2020 Vision

- What is your perfect Vision for year 2020 
What do you need to create it?

Birthing this Initiative Year 2020 Vision
creates catalysts to bring us together:

There is a three-year build up to the EPIC-opening event in 2007 when we open the door.  This is a coming together without limits that never ends. This will be filmed as the opening of our EPIC movie that is destine to be the Greatest Positive Ploy of all Time. This launches  
The Transformation 2000
that are outlined in the Word Maps.

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